Company History

Dr. Alfonso DiMino, Founder

ADM Tronics Inc. was founded in 1969 by the late Dr. Alfonso DiMino who is regarded by many as a scientific genius of inventions. In 1995 he received The Marconi Science Award and Medal from Unico National. In 2000 Dr. DiMino was awarded “New Jersey Inventor of the Year” from the New Jersey Inventors Hall of fame at New Jersey Institute of Technology.

With a doctorate in chemistry, DiMino began his career in the United States working for a company in Brooklyn that made carbon paper. Within three months, he approached the company president and presented an idea for a new, more efficient machine using a new electronic clutch he invented. The company made tremendous headway with that improvement leading to astronomical profits. Within a year, he was promoted to research director.

In the next few years, he was lured away by other bigger companies eventually settling into a job as research director for the Burroughs Corp. There he produced many inventions and patents including: a magnetic reader for bank checks, a better computer ribbon and even an early application for a copier machine.

Throughout his career, Dr. DiMino was concerned by the dangers the toxic solvents were to the employees of the corporation and to the environment and decided to work on a solution. Ahead of his time and before OSHA and EPA standards were developed, he formulated his own environmentally safe water-based adhesive at his home. He soon left Burroughs and was on his way to forming ADM Tronics, Inc. with the mission of producing only safe, non-toxic, environmentally safe chemical products that can replace hazardous chemicals used in many industries.

Electronic Development and Production

Andre’ DiMino, President

Continuing his remarkable innovation, Dr. DiMino was inspired to create yet another invention, this one electronic not chemical – The Sonotron, non-invasive electronic therapy technology. As a contract manufacturer, ADM Tronics, Inc. produces electronic components, assemblies and complete systems on a proprietary and OEM contracted or project basis for customers from diverse industries.

The Sonotron® is available in two versions, one for veterinary applications, the other for humans. Additional products in the ADM Tronics product line include Aurex-3 and NCCD.

The legacy of Dr. Alfonso DiMino continues as ADM Tronics, Inc. continues to dedicate its time to research and develop new and innovative environmentally safe products and technologies under the exclusive leadership of Andre’ DiMino, President.