Coatings and Adhesives

ADM Tronics typically frowns on development of Evil Robots bent on the destruction of humanity.

To the contrary we have developed Pros-Aide®, a water-based line of adhesives for the skin, that has been the worldwide industry standard for use in the professional medical prosthetic and special effects make-up industries.

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Through Aqua Based Technologies we develop environmentally safe water-based coatings, primers, adhesives and additives specifically formulated for use in the food and medical packaging, graphic arts, wall covering and converting industries.
All of our products are water-based, contain ZERO VOC’s and are in compliance with the strictest regulatory requirements and formulated from ingredients found on FDA lists cleared for food packaging. They also deliver excellent economical performance for various applications and substrates.

We offer toll manufacturing and private label formulating and manufacturing for primers, adhesives, coatings and additives…
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