Flo-Med 1100

The Flo-Med™ 1100 is a breakthrough in uroflowmetry diagnostics that brings high-precision dynamic urine flow analysis to any medical office. This precision diagnostic system has been engineered to be extremely easy to use and provide unparalleled test-after-test accuracy.A unique, compact, movable design easily fits into even the smallest office environment without any special installation required. And, the results can be printed directly, wirelessly or stored in electronic format to easily mesh with any EMR system.


About “Uroflowmetry”

What is Uroflowmetry

A test that measures the volume of urine excreted, the speed of excretion, and length of time for excretion.
Completely non-invasive – no risks.
Useful in evaluating the function of the complete urinary tract.

Clinical Applications of Uroflowmetry

Uroflowmetry is a screening test demonstrating the result of the micturition reflex and information obtained will indicate the presence of dysfunction. An abnormal result indicates a voiding dysfunction and should be followed by further testing.

Clinical recommendations for standardization in the comparison and interpretation of Uroflowmetry test results state that the following data should always be documented as part of a flow study:

1.Patient’s name and date of test
2.Maximum Flow Rate
3.Volume Voided
4.Voiding Time
5.Average Flow Rate
6.Graphical flow trace